Traces App

Remember where you've been

Track Your Traces

At Traces, we believe less is more. The tracking panel is one example. It supports a compact landscape mode, which comes especially handy when your iPhone is mounted on the bike.

Traces currently supports seven activity modes: walking, cycling, running, driving, train, boating and flying. You can select which modes to show.

Recall Travel Memories

As many other GPS tracking tools, you can view basic track stats such as time, distance and speed. In Traces, you can also write note with Markdown. This could be a good place to write your travel logs!

Mark Locations with Stars

Google Maps already provides a very useful marker feature. Traces's marker takes it a bit differently. Imagine a scenario where you are sitting in a bus heading to a different city, you unexpectedly see a magnificent unnamed garden. With Traces, you can easily and quickly mark that location and visit next time. This happened to me when I was traveling in Thailand.

Similiarly to traces, you can write note on stars. Thoughts, notes, comments are all good.

All on iCloud

Traces is serverless. We don't own any kind of database or storage server. All of your data is hosted on iCloud. If you have plenty of data to save, consider buy more iCloud storage.

If you want to migrate your previous GPX files to Traces, just copy them to the corresponding iCloud Drive folders! Please visit the Help page for further information.